About Us

Oslo Pix is a new international film festival which was organized for the first time June 8-13, 2017. The festival showcased features, documentaries and shorts from North America and Europe, with a special focus on Nordic Cinema. The first edition included 60 titles. Our main ambition is to create a new Scandinavian hotspot, for emerging directors and well-established masters of cinema.The second edition will be held June 4-10, 2018. 

9 titles will compete for the The Oslo Grand Pix Prize for best fiction feature: 75 000 NOK. The winner of The Oslo Grand Pix Fiction Award 2017 was The Fixer by Adrian Sitaru.

7 titles will compete for the The Oslo Grand Pix Documentary Prize: 50 000 NOK, sponsored by VGTV. The winner of Oslo Grand Pix Documentary Award 2017 was Communion by Anna Zamecka.

The festival takes place at Klingenberg and Saga in the heart of Oslo.

The festival is a partnership between Nordisk Film Kino and The Oslo Festival Agency (Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret).