Covid-19 and infection control measurements at our events

Av 13. aug 2020

The Oslo Festival Agency (Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret) takes infection control management seriously at all our festivals Films from the South, Oslo Pix and Arab Film Days, as well as our other events. 

We abide by the national and regional infection control guidelines in close collaboration with the cinemas and venues screening our films. We follow the national covid-19 regulations for cultural events.

Events in public places with up to 200 people are allowed from June 15th. Conditions are that a responsible organizer can be held accountable and that the participants can keep a minimum distance of one metre to those they do not live with in the same household. The same goes for events in venues and open-air arenas that are rented or borrowed, such as hotel facilities, community centers, conference rooms and halls. Employees or contractors responsible for the public event are not counted as part of the event.

Audience at the cinemas are spaced with two vacant seats between every group that are not from the same household.

The event organizer shall implement measures that contributes to ensure that no one infected with covid-19 is present at the event, and makes it possible to maintain good hygiene.

The event organizer must keep a record of who is present at the event, in order to be able to assist the municipality in a possible later infection detection according to the Infection Control Act (Smittevernloven) § 3-6.

If, in order to track participants, it is necessary to keep a separate, written record of those present containing their contact information, this record must be stored in a safe manner and deleted after 10 days. The organizer must inform those present that such a record is kept. 

The Oslo Festival Agency is not responsible for collectiong and keeping records of contact information from our audiences. This responsibility lies with the cinemas and venues.

Information on the measurements taken at each of our venues:

Vega Scene (in Norwegian)

Nordisk Film Kino (in Norwegian)

Cinemateket (in Norwegian)