Tickets for selected films in sale now!

On May 23rd we will release the full festival programme, but already today you can book your tickets for a bundle of our Oslo Pix films.

Av 19. mai 2017

We can’t wait to finally release the festival programme and we’re looking forward to our release party at MESH on Tuesday, 23rd of May at 6pm. That’s why we already put a bundle of tickets on sale today, among others this year’s opening and closing film.

For more information about the release party, click HERE

As of now you can book your tickets for 12 films, a special screening at SALT, and last but not least, a master class. The pre-release is bringing you an eclectic mix of films you might never be able to watch in a cinema, previews for films coming in distribution later this year, and the opportunity to learn from one of today’s most exciting Nordic directors. The festival door is slightly opened and we hope that whets your appetite before we push the festival’s gates wide open and announce 58 more films at MESH on the 23rd of May.

For more information about the films, see below.

If you intend to see a couple of films, we can recommend you to get a Full Festival Ticket or a voucher (5 clips). Both are available online or at the ticket office at Saga or Klingenberg cinema. When buying a Full Festival Ticket with student discount, student IDs are required – therefor you can only purchase those directly at the cinemas’ ticket offices and not online.

Full festival tickets and vouchers are available here. 

Read more about screening locations and ticket prices here. 

Fra balkongen 

What is the best way to kick off the first edition of Oslo Pix festival, if not a story from Bjølsen? From the Balcony follows Ole for a year, as he wallows in his own thoughts from a balcony on Brochmanns gate in Oslo, in the park with his wife and kids, or while visiting film festivals abroad. Along the way, he shares everyday observations and airy philosophical mental leaps, weaving in animation sequences and music, as well as pictures and archive footage of himself as a gloriously confident and aspiring young man. The end result is an innovative and unique film that the audience can easily identify with and that, at its best, touches a nerve in contemporary society. 

Director Ole Giæver will stay for a Q&A after the screenings on Sunday 11th of June.

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After the official opening, we are inviting you to our opening party! We will take you to our festival street, where DJ Vibeke Bruff is setting the right mood for the evening. Vibeke, formerly a producer for the Norwegian duo No Dial Tone, is now established as a solo artist. The event is free and open to all.

No age restriction, the festival street closes 11pm.

Like Crazy (En smak av lykke) 

This year’s closing film will be Like Crazy (En smak av lykke) by the Italian director Paolo Virzì, who made his feature film debut with La Bella Vita (1994) which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. In the following years, he has made several award-winning films which has marked him as one of the most important living directors in contemporary Italian cinema. His last film,Human Capital, was released in Norway in 2015 to critical acclaim.

Like Crazy has many comedic moments, but also shows the fatal consequences of underestimating the seriousness of mentally unstable people’s problems. A diverse and multifaceted film from one of Italy’s most respected living directors.

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Award Ceremony

We invite you a closing ceremony before the screening of the closing film where we will be awarding the winners of the Oslo Grand Pix Fiction award, Oslo Grand Pix documentary and the audience award.

Closing Party

When the curtains close after the closing film, it’s time to stretch out your legs, move your bodies and dance the summer night away. We will be taking over Den Gamle Skobutikken, where our festival DJ Vibeke will spin records.

Free access for everyone with a ticket for the closing film or festival pass.



In this satirical drama set in the art world, Søren Malling plays Simon, an artist at the peak of his career. His work is exhibited all over the world, he has a young wife and an even younger mistress, and a bunch of hipster assistants work their asses off to put his ideas into practice. One day, his son Casper from a previous marriage turns up and becomes a trainee at his workplace. The film offers a witty and poignant depiction not only of its milieu, but of the conflict between generations, and the clash between two men with ridicilously large egos.

Director Charlotte Sieling and actress Ane Dahl Torp will stay for a Q&A after the screenings of Rivalene Friday 9th of June.

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I Am Not Your Negro

I Am Not Your Negro is one of the most important films of the year, and a documentary that will remain as one of the most important in the history of the genre. It builds upon script never Baldwin never finished where he processes his own experience of the civil rights struggle in USA and the assassinations of its most influential players: Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Filmmaker Raoul Peck uses Baldwin’s text to make a point of the tenacity of racism in the United States, not only in the violence against black men and women, but also in the images that permeates American culture.

We invite to a conversation after the screening of Peck’s documentary on Monday June 12th. Panel participants: Anthropologist Sindre Bangstad, writer for Morgenbladet Mohamed Abdi and artist and activist Noziswe Baqwa.

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Wonder Woman 

Greek mythology meets the First World War and European imperialistic politics in Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot plays the lead as Diana, Amazonian princess, who finds the American pilot Steve Trevor washed ashore on her home island, Themyscira.

Oslo Pix presents an exclusive pre-screening, and we will, in collaboration with SF Norway, be rigging up our festival street for a pre-party before the screening. There will be funny surprises, so get your glitter pens out and be there, or just let yourself get entertained by the movie.

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Kaptein Supertruse 

Get ready for the combination of superhero-comedy and animation! Thomas and Harald, two naughty kids, hypnotizes their mean headmaster and transformes him into their own superhero – the kind-hearted and elastic Captain Underpants.

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Personal Shopper 

France stands for remarkable quality in European film. This is a selection of the French films at this year's program. The section is a continuation of the festival Rendez-Vous with French film, and is a collaboration with Institut Français.

Olivier Assayas second consecutive collaboration with American phenomenon Kristen Stewart—following 2014’s Clouds of Sils Maria—it’s the story of Maureen, a recently-bereaved young woman who works as a personal shopper for high-end Paris clients. Traumatised by the recent death of her twin brother in the French capital, Maureen becomes gradually disconnected from her chic, impersonal surroundings and starts to strongly suspect that she’s being observed, perhaps even stalked, by some kind of ghostly presence. But is there a more rational explanation for the weird phenomena she encounters?

Actor Anders Danielsen Lie will talk about the film at Kunstnernes Hus Kino on Friday June 9th.

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The Together Project 

France stands for remarkable quality in European film. This is a selection of the French films at this year's program. The section is a continuation of the festival Rendez-Vous with French film, and is a collaboration with Institut Français.

Recent romantic comedies tend to be too much of one thing and too little of another, and originality is few and far between. But The Together Project is a breath of fresh air to the genre, it is in fact truly romantic and really funny – without giving way to cynicism. In the French-Icelandic cocktail, we meet the shy crane driver Samir, who is willing to go to absurd lengths to get close to the swimming teacher Agathe.

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Mister Universo  

It's almost like something out of a child's daydream fantasy: that the world's strongest man will turn up and solve all your problems. Tairo dreams of exactly that, only that he is a grown-up man and works as a lion tamer at a travelling circus. . Mister Universo is a road movie about the strong connection between superstition and self confidence, and between physical and mental strength. It is also a film of flesh and blood, where all characters play slighly fictionalised versions of themselves.

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Donald Cried 

Donald Cried is the type of comedy that will make many squirm in their seat. A film as unpredictable as its main character: raunchy, awkward and hysterically funny in one moment, but behind the rowdy façade hides sensitivity and intelligence.

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Demon Box 

We are proud to present the world premiere of Patrik Syversens new film Demon Box! Siblings Amalie and Emil are visiting the family summer house one last time before putting it out for sale. They hope to rid themselves of all clues of the past before the family arrives, but a stranger shows up interfering with their plan. This is a dark drama about delusions, manipulation and denial, but it is also about the normalized evil, the one we rarely see.

Director Patrik Syversen will stay for a Q&A after the screenings on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th of June.

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Get to know Danish Charlotte Sieling in this masterclass on TV shows and film. Charlotte Sieling is an actress and director, and is a guest at Oslo Pix with Rivalene, a drama set in the art world starring Ane Dahl Torp and Jakob Oftebro. Building on her own experiences, Sieling will share reflections and concrete knowledge about the differences between working in film and television. TV shows have attracted many viewers and a higher status over the last years, but what are the differences between working in film and TV seen from the point of view of a director?

The event is arranged by Oslo Pix and NFI:LAB.

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Northern Disco Lights + André Bratten på SALT

We give you an evening with Norwegian electronica, and invite you, in collaboration with Øyafestivalen to the screening of Northern Disco Lights at SALT. The party continues after the movie with an exclusive DJ-set with new material from André Bratten.

Time: Saturday June 10th at 8 pm – 3 am. The film starts at 9pm.

Place: SALT, Langkaia

Tickets 200,- / 130,- with festival pass til Oslo Pix / Øya*. Buy HERE  NB! Few tickets.