This year's opening film is....

Joern Utkilen’s debut motion picture Lake over fire (org. title: Vann over ild) has been chosen as the opening film of the second edition of the film festival, Oslo Pix June 4th-10th.

Av 30. apr 2018

In under two months, the film festival opens its doors for the second edition, and invites the Oslo audience to a week of films, parties, events and guests from both domestic and abroad. 

Joern Utkilen's Lake over fire will open the film festival Monday, June 4th at Klingenberg Theatre, which also will be its world premiere. The film is a comical western-story where horses are replaced with mopeds, but it also has strong political undertones and an absurd and satiric view on the world we live in. 

- "It’s so good that Oslo has gotten a festival like Oslo Pix, and I'm very proud that Lake over fire will have its world premiere at the festival as the opening film. I'm hoping to see many with cowboy helmets on the 4th of June!" says the director Joern Utkilen.

Cato Fossum, the program manager for Oslo Pix, is pleased to be able to open the festival with Lake over fire:

- "It's a film that's surprising, funny, entertaining and original, and it doesn't think twice about entering the public debate. Lake over fire is a Norwegian film unlike any other", says Fossum, before continuing; "Oslo Pix wants to make room for Norwegian films and innovating filmmakers just like Joern Utkilen. He makes films everyone can relate to, but instead of recreating our reality, he twists it to create something new. I think the audience will find that refreshing".

About the film
The story revolves around a small and desolate desert community where all progress has stopped since everyone has become wealthy from a surrounding mine. The inhabitants have all become lazy and no one wants to work anymore. One day, a stranger rides into town and shakes things up by putting the town's inhabitants up against each other.

Starring, among others: Cato Skimten Storengen, Ole Christoffer Ertvaag, Nina Ellen Ødegård, Kristoffer Joner, Jørgen Foss and Edward Schultheiss.

The film is produced by Isak Eymundsson and Ruben Thorkildsen at Ape&Bjørn and will officially premiere in theaters in Norway June 8th.

About the director
Joern Utkilen graduated from The Edinburgh College of Art and Screen Academy Scotland. He is one of Norway's most prolific and exciting directors and has made several comedic short films, which has been shown at festivals around the world. He has also been nominated for an Amanda and a BAFTA.